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The porn industry has been using and abusing teens in porn for decades and it's destroying impressionable, vulnerable young lives. Teen porn is selling the fantasy of having sex with a child or minor. Enough is enough. We need your voice in this fight!

Sign the petition to raise the age of entry into porn from 18 to 21

Why people are signing this petition

Jeffrey Welch 3 days ago
The porn industry is legalized crime. It's shaping the minds of viewers. It's broken.
Madeleine Canlis 5 days ago
I hate porn and want more people to see it for what it actually is.
Lisa Kersey 10 days ago
People 18-23 are particularly vulnerable to the lies of the pornography industry
Jesper Karlsson 11 days ago
It is disgusting and inflicts pain and tragedy
Rebecca Sullivan 12 days ago
I want justice for youth, and measures to prevent as many rapes possible.
Tom Fox 14 days ago
Fuck porn
Molly Hall 14 days ago
I strongly stand by this petition, pornography needs limits, people are forgetting reality
thomas martinez 14 days ago
people shouldn't still still be in high school and have a porn career
Eli Daniel 14 days ago
Teenagers and minors in porn is NOT cool
Keyondra Foster 18 days ago
To end corruption and abuse towards women in the industry
Gert-Jan Overweg 20 days ago
Ryan Frasier 22 days ago
Stop the sexual exploitation of young women and the severe damage this causes!
Jacob Thomas 22 days ago
Devin Nassar-Reis 24 days ago
Pedophiles have too many rights, and I'm sick of it.
Alisa Dick 24 days ago
The porn industry abuses the rights of young females, and males.
Freya Kelly 24 days ago
I'm a woman, I was a teenage girl. This rotting culture is making us sick, & women unsafe
Lucía Bangueses 25 days ago
It creates dangerous, violent and abusive narratives that get feed to young children.
SYMONE GAFFNEY 29 days ago
Because this needs to end and children shouldn’t have to be put through this
Sam Zaccone 29 days ago
Dedrick Jones Jr 29 days ago
Because barely legal porn has always been weird asf



Open Letter to the Porn Industry
from Ex-Performers

Dear porn industry,

We, the undersigned former porn performers and survivors, are calling on porn producers, directors, and agents to stop recruiting impressionable teens into porn. The implications of appearing in a pornographic film are significant, with potential lifelong consequences. For many, it has destroyed their lives. We are asking you to end this injustice by raising the age of entry into porn from 18 to 21.

Before we began shooting porn scenes, we had no understanding of the extreme physical, emotional, or psychological trauma that awaited us. Some of us weren’t even old enough to drink alcohol, and, as brain science reveals, the decision-making part of our brains wasn’t fully formed.

Even to perform stand-up comedy in most venues, individuals have to be 21 because of the environment they’re in. Yet, as teenagers, we were penetrated in dehumanizing and dangerous sex acts by grown men—sometimes groups of them—subjecting our young bodies and minds to extreme trauma.

At the hands of agents, producers, and directors, we have experienced:

  • Being made to appear as an underage minor
  • Being made to enact sadistic pedophilic fantasies
  • Being rushed into signing consent forms, with no idea what we just said “yes” to
  • Being coerced in high pressure situations to do sex acts we’ve clearly said we will not do
  • Being victims of violent sexual assaults
  • Sustaining physical injury, psychological trauma, and/or being placed at risk of sexually transmitted infections

The fact that this trauma is immortalized in images and videos only multiplies the damage. Once this content is circulating on the internet, nothing can permanently remove it. This is one of the greatest sources of our pain, because we feel re-traumatized with each new view.

Maggie, a signatory on this letter, shares, “Between ages 18-19 I was in about 130 pornographic movies… Violent sex and making girls look like teenagers, or younger, was the goal. At times the violent sex made us bleed, at which point the cameras would stop rolling, while it was cleaned up. Once it was cleaned we would just resume filming again. I was so naive as an 18-year-old. I desperately wanted to believe I was in control of this very scary situation. Now when I look at myself in these movies, I see myself being raped over and over again.”

Maggie’s story is representative of so many young performers whose youth is being exploited and abused for someone else’s pleasure and gain. There is a crisis of suicides, widespread drug and alcohol abuse, and an early mortality rate, predominately among young female porn performers.

In 2017-2018 alone, young porn performers Olivia Nova, August Ames, Turi Luv, Yurizan Beltran, and Shyla Stylez all died within just months of each other. All of them were under 21 when they entered the porn industry.

And it’s not just performers from the industry who are raising concerns about this. Producers and directors are speaking out about the dangers to young performers.

Prominent porn producer and Adult Video Network Hall of Famer, Axel Braun, shared, “After 23 years in the business, I have come to strongly believe that an 18-year-old fresh out of high school has a completely different perspective on life than he or she will have three years later… I simply don’t feel comfortable anymore, shooting talent under 21.”

Many other voices from within the industry mirror Braun’s sentiment.

We know that porn producers and agents scout 18 to 20-year-old girls because of their youthful appearance, and for many of us this was the case because the “teen” genre brought higher profits. But what’s being sold is the fantasy of having sex with a child or minor, and being compelled to perform in scenes like this is extremely damaging to our mental and emotional health.

What’s even more abhorrent is that performers like us are being used to create content that is normalizing child sexual abuse and promoting a criminal fantasy to millions of viewers worldwide, many of whom are acting out this abuse on real children.

We are grateful to still be alive because far too many of our fellow young performers have died by suicide or drug overdose. They may be gone, but their tragic passing lights a fire in us to be all the more vocal about this critical message.

We’re tired of being chewed up and spit out by an industry that profits off the vulnerability of youth. We’ve had enough. Using teens in porn is blatantly exploitative, deeply traumatizing, and is destroying beautiful young lives.

We are calling on porn industry producers, directors, and agents to stop using vulnerable teens in porn. You can end this by raising the age of entry into porn from 18 to 21.


Brittni De La Mora
Jersey Jaxin
Jewell Baraka
Flick Shagwell
Maggie Smith
Diana Grandmaison
formerly known as Desi Foxx
Alexandra Mayers
Daniela R.
Alia Dewees
Jan Villarubia
formerly known as Elizabeth Rollings
Kate Zak
Felicity Feline
Joshua Broome
Aaron Crowley
Danielle Williams-McCord
Evelyn Taylor
Kelly R. Patterson
Crissy Outlaw

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